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Habitat for Humanity of Pike County
103 Delaware Crest, Dingmans Ferry, PA 18328
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Pike County's Median Income in 2016 is $58,474

Family Size

1 to 3


each add'l


(30% of area median income)



add $1,500


(80% of area median income)



add $1,500

Applicant must also demonstrate the ability to pay a $700 per month mortgage.

Overview of the Homeowner Pre-Application

Please read the official homeowner pre-application for the complete and legal details.

You must have a total household gross income that falls within the chart below.

You must give written permission for a complete check of all family assets, income, credit and debts and to allow  HFHPC to obtain verification of all needed information.  You must be willing to participate in Habitat programs designed to aid families in such areas as budgeting and home maintenance. The family selected as most qualified will be offered the agreed upon home at cost with a 30 year, zero interest mortgage.

If you feel you meet these requirements,  Download the Pre-Application Form

Overview of Volunteer Application

Volunteers are an integral part of every aspect of Habitat’s mission. In addition to working at the building site, volunteers are needed to help with publicity, fund raising and special projects, etc.

There is no such thing as unskilled. If you come to us we will find a job for you. After a few times of volunteering with us, the majority of volunteers are “hooked” and enjoy being known as Habitat volunteers.

Volunteers must be over 16.

To apply contact one of the following:

Habitat Office at 570-828-1623 or hfhpc@ptd.net

Volunteer Coordinator Mike Donlon at volunteer@hfhpc.org

Download the Volunteer Application Form